Calling all youth and young adults, “The Promised Land” is a musical with nine major solo roles and multiple smaller solo roles, plus chorus roles.

We are also looking for  stage, lighting, sound techs, and support crew.

If you would like to help with sound or tec, contact Tim Dunn ( If you would like more info about cast roles, contact Annette Mackey (

The performances will be in June, 2023. Rehearsals and performances will take place at Centennial High School in Boise, Idaho. 

In person auditions are May 20 at 11:00 AM at Centennial High School, 12400 W McMillan Rd, Boise, ID 83713, in the choir room. The choir room is located in the Centennial Performing Arts Center. Please use the student entrance.

If you are unable to attend the in person audition on May 20th at 11:00 AM, contact Tim Dunn ( to arrange a video audition. Pre-recorded auditions must be received by May 18th.

What to expect at the audition.

  1. Choose from the songs listed on this page. Sheet music and rehearsal tracks are available by clicking on the provided links. Learn your song well.
  2. Fill out the audition form and bring it with you to the audition. Plan to tell us a little about yourself.
  3. Be prepared to sing a cappella or with an accompaniment track.

Nephi – Nephi’s Psalm sheet music, measures 30 – 72. Nephi’s Psalm Rehearsal Track with vocals.

Laman – This Is Our Land sheet music, measures 36 to the end. This Is Our Land orchestrated accompaniment. (Note: the piano/vocal reduction score has slightly different measure numbers than the orchestrated accompaniment. For reference, access the orchestrated score, click here.)

Lehi – Open Up Your Heart sheet music, measures 25 – 57. Open Up Your Heart orchestrated accompaniment.

Leah – You Won’t Be Alone sheet music, 2nd verse, measures 20 – 48. You Won’t Be Alone recording with vocals. (Note: the piano/vocal reduction has slightly different measure numbers than the orchestrated accompaniment. You won’t Be Alone orchestrated accompaniment.)

Tephra – Is Anyone Out There, This song will be added soon.

Angel – The Angel sheet music, measures 46 – 81. The Angel orchestrated accompaniment.

Voice of Holy Spirit – Song of God sheet music, 1st verse. The lyrics in this song have been slightly altered from the lyrics in the sheet music. See the orchestrated accompaniment that will be posted here soon.

Sariah – To This Promised Land sheet music, measures 3 – 34, To This Promised Land orchestrated accompaniment, Please also be prepared to sing the last line of I Will Go sheet music, measures 147 – 152

Lemuel – Woe Is Us sheet music, be ready to sing the melody, measures 5 – 26. Woe Is Us orchestrated accompaniment. This Is Our Land, 2nd verse, measures 36 – 50. This Is Our Land sheet music. This is Our Land orchestrated accompaniment.

Sam – I Will Go sheet music – measures 74 – 89 I Will Go orchestrated accompaniment.

Marian – I Will Go sheet music, measures 125 – 127 I Will Go orchestrated accompaniment.

Laban – War sheet music, measure 1 – 5. Sung a cappella.

Ishmael’s Sons – Rebellion sheet music. This song is done with body percussion and beatboxing.

BeatBoxing – Rebellion sheet music. This song is done with body percussion and beat boxing.

Chorus – Open Up Your Heart Reprise, sheet music sing your preferred part, measures 22 – 32