Music Theory Worksheets

Below are some basic music theory pages to get beginners off to a good start. This work may be used for incidental home, and non-commercial use. It may also be used by educators in their classrooms. This is my original work and it may NOT be reproduced for commercial use.

I made these worksheets for use in my own classroom. It seemed logical to share them. For a while I charged a nominal  fee. Even though it was nice to receive a small amount of compensation, I am now offering them for free … at least for the time being.

Music Theory Worksheet 1

Music Theory Worksheek 2

Music Theory Worksheet 3, time signatures

Music Theory Worksheet 3A

Music Theory Worksheet 4

Music Theory Worksheet 5

Music Theory Worksheet 6

Music Theory Worksheet 7


Name That Note Worksheets – suitable for all musicians who are learning to read treble and bass clef.

Name That Note Worksheet 1

Name That Note Worksheet 2

Name That Note Worksheet 3

Name That Note Worksheet 4

Name That Note Worksheet 5


Key Signature Identification Study Sheets

Major Key Signatures

Minor Key Signatures