The Promised Land 

The Promised Land features a full symphonic orchestra.

Calling all youth and young adults, “The Promised Land” is a Book of Mormon story musical with lead solo roles and 30+ chorus roles.  We are looking for stage, lighting, sound techs, and support crew.

We are still accepting the following instrumental positions: Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Trumpet B flat & Trumpet in C, Trombone, Tuba, Percussion, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone.


Pre-recorded and live auditions are happening now. Contact the production team to schedule an audition ([email protected])

Interested in helping with sound/tec, support crew? Contact Tim Dunn ([email protected])

General Questions, contact Annette Mackey ([email protected])


I love to write stories and music. This website is where I share some of my creations.

Class Collision: Fall From Grace

Born to wealth and privilege, ten-year-old David is arguably the most spoiled, obnoxious kid alive. That is… until he is kidnapped for ransom and left for dead. Thrown into a world he knows nothing about, he spends the next several years in an orphanage where his claims to fame and fortune fuel years of torment. Finally, he escapes hoping to make it back home. Instead, he meets Linda. Having lived among boys for so long, he doesn’t know how to handle his feelings for her. She is both irritating and intoxicating. Not that it matters. With looks like hers, every boy in the county is chasing her, and David, with his scraggly clothes and long hair doesn’t stand a chance. Then, when circumstances push them together, they both find that sometimes people aren’t what they seem.

Set during the Great Depression, Class Collision: Fall From Grace will transport you to a simpler time, filled with heartache and unexpected love.

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Class Collision: Phoenix Rising

Linda marries him, but she doesn’t have a clue who he really is.

David Bastien was born into one of the wealthiest families on the eastern seaboard. Unfortunately, his life of grace and ease does not last. At the young age of ten, he is brutally kidnapped along with his brother Alex and held for ransom. Although Alex escapes and ultimately returns home, David is lost to the world. After years of loneliness, he now has the woman of his dreams by his side. Life seems to be looking up, until Linda begins to realize the extent of his lies. The world is on the cusp of war, and the stability David has so long sought seems to fly away like a wisp in the wind.

Don’t miss the exciting conclusion in the CLASS COLLISION series where love and loyalty are tested beyond measure, families threaten to rip apart, old relationships are confronted, and the strength of the human heart is pushed to the limit.

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The Forgotten Queen

Avalon has long been considered the traditional place of Arthur’s burial. But what if that place was actually named after someone? As an infant, Avalon is stripped of beauty so that all that remains are her dramatic green eyes. She is taught from birth that Arthur is her destiny. Out of curiosity she watches him in the magical waters of the lake and finds it impossible not to fall in love–and yet he is the king. She has nothing to offer but a pure heart. And so with the future of Camelot at stake, Arthur turns his attention toward the politically strategic Princess Guinevere and makes her his queen. In this exciting retelling of Camelot, Arthur struggles against the forces of evil until he reigns supreme, only to discover that his closest friend, Lancelot, is having an affair with his wife. Upon discovery, Camelot is forced to the brink of destruction. It’s then that Arthur realizes what a fool he has been. Broken and alone, shamed before the entire kingdom, Avalon comes back into his life. With her he finds the kind of passion that he has so long sought. Raised in the shadows, subservient to the Lady of the Lake, Avalon rises above it all to become the true queen of Camelot. She is the for­got­ten queen … and the sole bearer of Arthur’s heart. Full of unexpected twists and turns, action, suspense, treachery, and deceit, “The Forgotten Queen” will tear at your heartstrings until the very satisfying ending.

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Music Rhythm Worksheets – currently free on this website. See the link above in the web menu.

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