A little about me …

In the world of I, there is a whole lot of me. Hope­fully this self-serving page doesn’t give the wrong impres­sion. Though I’m not a big-wig or a super­star, writ­ing is my pas­sion. And so I share.

I love to write. Whether it’s music or sto­ries, I’ve never been bored because my brain is always work­ing a mile a minute. There is so lit­tle time to get every­thing done! If only I could write as fast as I think.

I am a music educator who has worked a million jobs in the past and continues to run a muck in the present. I have had amazing students and feel so lucky to work with teenagers. Outside of public education I’ve done just about every vol­un­teer job you can think of, from run­ning a food drive to a for­mal ban­quet and the­atri­cal show. But more than any­thing, I love being a mom. There are times when you want to pull your hair out, yet noth­ing com­pares to the absolute unity of a fam­ily. Though I might search the world over, my favorite peo­ple will always be the ones with whom I have shared a roof, past or present. Kids are loyal and strong. If only I could learn to be a kid again.

My Favorite Things:

There’s no way to nar­row this down. I love clas­si­cal music — obvi­ously. To put it more plainly, Tchaikovsky’s Piano Con­certo No. 1 makes me go weak in the knees, as do Puccini’s operas. But, unlike many clas­si­cal musi­cians, I also love pop and rock. Go Elton John — Aida was the best! (As was Hamilton – of course.) And yes, as you may have heard, I am a Super­man fan. Who wouldn’t want to be a super hero? From Star Trek to Jane Austen … there’s such a wide vari­ety of fan­tas­tic in the world and I can’t help but appre­ci­ate it all.


My first novel, Class Col­li­sion: Fall From Grace was pub­lished in Sep­tem­ber, 2010 by Out­skirts Press. In June of 2011 it was repub­lished by Man­dolin Pub­lish­ing. The sequel, Class Col­li­sion: Phoenix Ris­ing was also pub­lished by Man­dolin Pub­lish­ing in June 2011. The Forgotten Queen was published a few years later, as were my Music Theory Worksheets book. If you’d like to read what blog­gers have said about my books click HERE.

Other Works:

I’ve writ­ten two full-length musi­cal plays which were per­formed in Boise, Idaho. My first show, “The Promised Land” was performed in July of 2003 and my second show, “Saul” was performed in July of 2006. I have begun orchestrating and uploading my “The Promised Land” music here on this webpage. Feel free to take a look. I have also writ­ten a num­ber of unpub­lished sto­ries.


My novel, Class Col­li­sion: Fall From Grace, received the Gold award from Read­ers Favorite Book Awards in the YACom­ing of Age category. The Forgotten Queen received a silver award.


I have a bachelor’s degree in music from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Studying music there was an incredible privilege and I loved every second of it. I also spent a few addi­tional years study­ing music com­po­si­tion at Boise State. You may have heard of our foot­ball team. Go Broncos! (Boise is awesome!) I also have a master’s degree in Music Education from Boston University. (I absolutely love Boston University! I could go on and on and on about how amazing it is.)