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Music Rhythm Book cover (updated)

It’s finally here! My new Music Rhythm Work­sheets book con­tains 48 rhythm work­sheets avail­able for imme­di­ate PDF download.

To view a sam­ple of the inte­rior of the book, click here: SAMPLE Music Rhythm Book Inte­rior.

After pur­chas­ing the book, you will receive an email with a link to a PDF copy of the book. If you would like to pur­chase a soft bound copy of the book, you may do so via Ama­zon.  


The For­got­ten Queen

Sil­ver Award Win­ner, Read­ers Favorite 2013

Silver Award for THE FORGOTTEN QUEEN from Readers Favorite 

As an infant Avalon is stripped of beauty so that all that remains are her dra­matic green eyes. She is taught from birth that Arthur is her des­tiny. Out of curios­ity she watches him in the lake and finds it impos­si­ble not to fall in love—and yet he is the king. It’s not until a love tri­an­gle between Guin­e­vere, Lancelot, and Arthur forces Camelot to the brink of destruc­tion that Arthur real­izes what a fool he has been.

Raised in the shad­ows, sub­servient to the Lady of the Lake, Avalon rises above it all to become the true queen of Camelot. She is the for­got­ten queen … and the sole bearer of Arthur’s heart.




Book One: Class Col­li­sion: Fall From GraceRecip­i­ent of the Read­ers Favorite Gold Award Impos­si­bly rich, ten-year-old David is arguably the most spoiled, obnox­ious kid alive. That is, until he is kid­napped for ran­som and left for dead. Thrown into a world he knows noth­ing about, he spends the next sev­eral years in an orphan­age where his claims to fame and for­tune bring years of tor­ment. Finally, he escapes, hop­ing to make it back home. Instead, he meets Linda. Hav­ing lived among boys for so long, he doesn’t know how to han­dle his feel­ings for her. She is both irri­tat­ing and intox­i­cat­ing. Not that it mat­ters. With looks like hers, every boy in the county is chas­ing her, and David, with his scrag­gly clothes and long hair doesn’t stand a chance. Then, when cir­cum­stances push them together, they both find that some­times, peo­ple aren’t what they seem. Can love really con­quer all, or is David des­tined for a life of mis­ery and pain? Find out in Class Col­li­sion. Learn to like the boy, fall in love with the man that he becomes.



Book Two: Class Col­li­sion: Phoenix Ris­ing David Bastien was born into one of the wealth­i­est fam­i­lies on the east­ern seaboard, but lost every­thing when he was kid­napped for ran­som. Now, years later he and Linda are on the run from his for­mer boss, Linda’s father; but after learn­ing that David has been lying to her, she begins to worry that he will be just like her father, abu­sive and cruel. When the Japan­ese bomb Pearl Har­bor, David is forced out to sea where his hope of sur­vival replaces long lost dreams of return­ing home. Now he must either tell Linda who he really is, or risk tak­ing his secrets to the grave. Don’t miss the excit­ing con­clu­sion in the Class Col­li­sion series where love and loy­alty are tested beyond mea­sure, fam­i­lies threaten to rip apart, old rela­tion­ships are con­fronted, and the strength of the human heart is pushed to the limit.


This is the old cover for Class Col­li­sion: Fall From Grace. After tak­ing sev­eral polls, I found that this cover didn’t set well with poten­tial read­ers, though it’s still a favorite of mine. But that’s prob­a­bly because I am par­tial to what the build­ing rep­re­sents. This is Man­dolin, David’s child­hood home where his arro­gance and pride were so care­fully nur­tured by a well-meaning, yet flawed mother. After he is kid­napped, Man­dolin rep­re­sents every­thing that David has lost, par­tic­u­larly his iden­tity. Where once he was con­sid­ered intel­li­gent and tal­ented, after being kid­napped he is seen as a trou­ble­maker, a thief, and a most of all, a lier. As the series pro­gresses, Man­dolin remains fixed in David’s mind as the fairy­tale he can never achieve. In book two, Phoenix Ris­ing, David finally decides to face his past. Unfor­tu­nately, when he does, Linda mis­takes the man­sion for an old hotel, and ver­bal­izes her con­fu­sion in front of the wrong peo­ple, jeop­ar­diz­ing David’s chances of a happy reunion.

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