Website crashes and things….

Confession – I’ve been up to my eyeballs working as a music educator. Anyone who works in the public education system knows what I mean. There are days when I literally don’t have time to eat. Anyhow, I thought that my website could stand alone for a while, as it seemed to be self sustaining. Little did I know that it would totally crash last September (9/17). Yep. Down, down,… dooooooown it went into the eternal abyss of cyber-space. Thankfully the “Way Back Machine” stored most of the content. I was able to get a lot of things back online. The saddest part of this little story is that google had been picking up the content of my old website, listing my site first under many searches, especially “Music Rhythm Worksheets.” I don’t know if I’ll ever get that priority from google again, but I still wanted to get the content back online. So, from me to you, … Happy New Year, 2018. And a little prayer for all of the public education servants out there: may you have time to eat and use the bathroom.

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