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The Falls

March 22nd, 2012 | Posted by Annette in Perspectives

  Last year when my fam­ily went to Yel­low­stone we hiked down to the Lower Falls. And what an incred­i­ble sight it was! When that much water if fly­ing off a cliff, the size of your life seems awfully small. While we were there I noticed a few bits of garbage beyond the fence. Obvi­ously there was no way to retrieve it. Since lit­ter lit­er­ally bugs the heck out of me, I found it trou­bling. Then all at once it hit me. I was miss­ing the entire moment. Here I was in front of this tremen­dously awe­some sight, and I was focus­ing on these minute imper­fec­tions that no one could do any­thing about. It was one of those ah-ha moments that you never for­get. The world is full of beauty, but half the time I’m run­ning around try­ing to fix, fix, fix. Some­times there really is peace in stop­ping to enjoy the moments of our lives. It doesn’t take much effort. We just have to look at the big­ger picture.

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