Rice Krispie Marshmallows


This is different than what you are think­ing, and REALLY good!

1 pound pack­age Large Marsh­mal­lows
1 pound pack­age carmels (54 carmels)
1 can sweet­ened con­densed milk
1 cup but­ter
1 15 oz box Rice Krispies

Melt but­ter, milk and carmels in a dou­ble boiler. Put 1 marsh­mal­low on a fork. dip it into the carmel mix­ture. Roll imme­di­ately in Rice Krispies. Put the fin­ished prod­uct on wax paper to cool. Keep the carmel warm enough to coat each marshmallow.

Note: If the carmel mix­ture is too warm, the marsh­mal­lows will start to melt! This recipe will make enough for a whole bag of marsh­mal­lows. Trust me, these are GOOD. And I don’t eve like marshmallows.