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I post about bar­gain ebooks on my Four stars and up page. Every book posted has at least 5 reviews on Ama­zon, main­tain­ing a rat­ing of at least 4 stars or higher. Check it out.

I rec­om­mended “The Scent of Lies” to my book club a few months ago and every­one thor­oughly enjoyed it, par­tic­u­larly since we had just read a few “deep” books. We were ready for some fun, and this book fit the bill perfectly.

The Scent of Lies” is book one of four

Price: $0 Prime — bor­row it on your kin­dle, 99 cents for purchase.

Rat­ings: 94 reviews on Amazon

Aver­age Ama­zon Rat­ing: 4 out of 5 stars

Reviewer High­lights on Ama­zon: “Love, romance, great char­ac­ters,” “fast paced, small town mys­tery with romance,” “Sweet, inti­mate, and feisty,” riv­et­ing” “Glad I bought all three”

Ama­zon Descrip­tion: The Scent of Lies is Book 1 in the Par­adise Val­ley Mys­tery series. Emily Parker’s world is flipped upside down when her pri­vate eye hus­band is killed, and she begins to unravel clues that maybe he wasn’t who he claimed to be.

With the help of her close cir­cle of friends and the sexy new police detec­tive in town, Emily takes over her late husband’s busi­ness and searches for answers to his mur­der. When another woman’s hus­band turns up dead, Ms. Parker is hired to find the real killer before the wife is sent to prison, putting Emily’s own life in danger.

Sen­sual and grip­ping with mur­der, romance, mys­tery, and intrigue–think “Sex and the City” meets “Nancy Drew.”

Debra Bur­roughs writes with inten­sity and power. Her char­ac­ters are rich and the sto­ries are full of com­pelling sus­pense and real romance. If you’re look­ing for graphic vio­lence and explicit sex scenes, these are not the books for you, but if you’re look­ing for sto­ries with real romance that will enter­tain you, grab your atten­tion, touch your heart, and leave you want­ing more, dive into one of her cap­ti­vat­ing books.

Fol­low Debra Bur­roughs on Twitter @DebraBurroughs

Rail­road Man, by Alle Wells

 The first bar­gain book that came to mind when I decided to start this blog is “Rail­road Man,” by Alle Wells. I’ve been sur­prised that this book hasn’t sold more copies. It’s well crafted, thought pro­vok­ing, and a story that really grips the reader.
Price: $0 Prime — bor­row it on your kin­dle, 99 cents for pur­chase.
Rat­ings: 47 reviews on Ama­zon
Aver­age Ama­zon Rat­ing: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Reviewer High­lights on Ama­zon: “Un-Put-Downable!” Bril­liant, mov­ing, sub­lime.… writ­ing at it’s best” “Evo­lu­tion of love and rail­road­ing” “Wells demon­strates flaw­less exe­cu­tion” “Softer and sweeter than I expected”
Ama­zon description:
RAILROAD MAN.… A Por­trait of a Man … Love has no bound­aries within a man’s heart.… A 1930’s love story that cap­tures the heart of one man … the Rail­road man.
Set in the mid-twentieth cen­tury, this is the story of one man’s life, his love, his suc­cess, and his sor­row. His strengths and weak­nesses cross the bound­aries of time and reach into our hearts, because every­one knows the Rail­road Man.
Alle Wells cur­rently has four titles avail­able, “Mill Peo­ple,” “Leav­ing Seren­ity,” “Lame Excuses,” and, of course, “Rail­road Man.” writes south­ern tales of strength and courage. Her char­ac­ters will tug at your heart and touch your soul.
I first met Alle online via Twit­ter. Fol­low­ing her has been a great expe­ri­ence. I’ve learned so much from her nat­ural talent.
Find out more about Alle on her web­site,
Con­nect with Alle on Twitter: @AlleWells

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