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Reviews actually do matter

September 2nd, 2012 | Posted by Annette in Books

Don’t get me wrong — I’ve had soooooo many pos­i­tive reviews. Thank you to those won­der­ful peo­ple who have posted them! And yet there have been a few zingers. But that’s okay. As John Locke said, “If you don’t have any low rat­ings, you haven’t sold enough books.”

What I hate to see is a new author, div­ing into this busi­ness, excited, shin­ing with hope, only to be shot down by someone’s pet peeve that really doesn’t apply to any­one but them.

Humor me for a sec­ond as I go off on a tan­gent. When I was in col­lege study­ing clas­si­cal piano, my piano pro­fes­sor said some­thing that will stick with me for­ever. He said that the type of music a stu­dent enjoys, reveals more about the stu­dent than it does about the music. His exam­ple was Bach. For those who are unfa­mil­iar with clas­si­cal music, in gen­eral, Bach is the cal­cu­lous of music. His fugues, in par­tic­u­lar, are quite dif­fi­cult. Each piano major was required to learn at least one fugue per semes­ter. One semes­ter a stu­dent balked. She com­plained to every­one that she had to learn Bach fugues. The next semes­ter she was dropped from the pro­gram. Cer­tain expec­ta­tions were required at the uni­ver­sity. No one cared to teach her what she was miss­ing, because there were SO many tal­ented stu­dents wait­ing to take her place.

In the world of books things are a lit­tle dif­fer­ent. Ernest Hem­ing­way may not speak to “Twi­light” fans, BUT WHO CARES. Reader opin­ions ALL have merit. Pop cul­ture is in its hay day! And com­ing from the world of clas­si­cal music, I find that refresh­ing. Who cares if some­one is “trained” when they read a book. If they like it, THEY LIKE IT! That’s the beauty. There are plenty of genres/markets avail­able for every­one. Pop cul­ture, his­tor­i­cal fic­tion, dystopia, fan­tasy. What­ever strikes your fancy. Just remem­ber, that reviews will be read by other peo­ple, and may affect future sales. Remem­ber, one person’s junk is another person’s trea­sure. Be hon­est in your reviews. If you hated a book, go ahead and say so. But don’t be cruel. It says more about the reviewer than the book.

Pos­i­tive reviews are a way to say thank you to your favorite authors. Writ­ers don’t earn big money, and there is almost no recog­ni­tion involved. As Ernest Hem­ing­way said, “We sit at the type­writer and bleed.” (Quote para­phrased.) Writ­ers are in the book busi­ness for the love of writ­ing. That’s basi­cally it. We write. We share. We write some more.

Once again, thank you to any­one who has taken the time to review my books. Reviews are much appre­ci­ated. Espe­cially the pos­i­tive ones!

Happy read­ing.

~ Annette

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