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Michael Jordan explains the secret to success

February 21st, 2012 | Posted by Annette in Books | Perspectives | Writing Tips

They say, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. I sure hope so, because I’ve been there a lot. Unlike Michael Jor­dan, no one has actu­ally kept track of my stats. But I can tell you this, I am very famil­iar with fail­ure. Prac­ti­cally in the same breath I can also add that I have had a num­ber of suc­cesses. You would think that sooner or later fail­ures would end. But they don’t. No mat­ter how suc­cess­ful, no mat­ter how accom­plished, fail­ure just hap­pens some­times. It’s a fact of life. So rather than giv­ing up before you try: Dare to dream. Dare to face fail­ure. Dare to try your hard­est in the face of uncer­tainty, and ulti­mately some mea­sure of suc­cess will be achieved.

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