Layered Strawberry Cake


1 white cake mix

1 pack­age Jun­ket Dan­ish Dessert
3 boxes fresh straw­ber­ries. Slice (Can use rasp­ber­ries)
8 oz cream cheese: soft
2 cups pow­dered sugar
1/2 pint whip­ping cream: Whip

Make the cake mix accord­ing to the direc­tions on the box. Place half of the bat­ter in a 9×13 pan. Bake. Let cool. (You can use the other half of the bat­ter to make cup­cakes or throw it out.)

Pre­pare Jun­ket Dan­ish Dessert accord­ing to direc­tions as cake cools. Fold in strawberries.

Fill­ing: Whip cream. Fold in sugar and cream cheese. Layer on top of cold cake.

Driz­zle straw­berry top­ping over fill­ing. Serve