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Dare to dream

April 3rd, 2012 | Posted by Annette in Perspectives

 Years ago as I was leav­ing my child­hood home to go out on my own, my dad pulled me aside and gave me some won­der­ful advice. He said, “If you don’t take care of your­self, no one else will.” I have thought on his words time and again. At first I didn’t quite under­stand what he meant. It didn’t take long. Once I was in my new col­lege envi­ron­ment I began to see the wis­dom in those words. By the way I’m not talk­ing about self­ish notions here. The scope of tak­ing care of one­self is vital to health and well­be­ing. Once I real­ized this a whole new under­stand­ing devel­oped. I real­ized that if I believed in me, I almost always accom­plished my goals. So that’s my tid-bit of advice. I ask you, why would any­one want to give up? Is there some grand prize in that? I don’t think so. And so I say to any­one who has ever had a dream, dare to believe. Dare to keep your dreams alive! Dare to face fail­ure and try your hard­est in the face of uncer­tainty. But most of all never, never, NEVER give up.


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