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Discussion questions for Class Collision: Phoenix Rising

Genre: Fic­tion, YA Fic­tion, His­tor­i­cal Fic­tion, Amer­i­can Drama

  1. At the begin­ning of the book, Linda real­izes that David has been less than hon­est with her. Do you think she should she have post­poned the wedding?
  2. Was David jus­ti­fied in his secrecy? Is dis­hon­esty ever appropriate?
  3. In Class Col­li­sion: Fall From Grace, David spent years try­ing to return home. In Phoenix Ris­ing he is an adult. Why doesn’t he just go home?
  4. At what point do you think Linda real­izes that she is still in love with David?
  5. Dur­ing World War II, the entire coun­try seemed to back the war effort. Have things changed in the United States in this regard?
  6. When David returns from the war on fur­lough, he and Linda go to the ranch for Lucy’s wed­ding. It becomes appar­ent that Lucy believes David is a hor­ri­ble, cruel, sorry excuse for a human being. Have you ever known some­one to mis­un­der­stand another per­son so completely?
  7. Why did David take such a dan­ger­ous job in the war? Did he want to be a hero? Was he in it for the glory? For the pay?
  8. Is David a prod­uct of his envi­ron­ment? How much of his per­son­al­ity was set at birth?
  9. When David and Alex argue out­side the man­sion by the foun­tain, Alex seems to be speak­ing to his brother, even though he doesn’t believe in David. Do you think Alex is jus­ti­fied in his anger?
  10. How did you feel about Elizabeth’s ini­tial reac­tion to her long lost son?
  11. Why does Alexan­der wait so long to tell David that he believes in him?
  12. Would David have been inter­ested in Linda had he not been kidnapped?
  13. What kind of per­son would Alex have become had David had not been kidnapped?
  14. Why do the ser­vants rec­og­nize David when his fam­ily does not?
  15. At the end of the book, Gor­don is finally hum­bled. Do you think David should have rubbed his nose in “it” and made a pub­lic spec­ta­cle of him?
  16. The premise of the book seems to ask the ques­tion, “Can money buy hap­pi­ness?” What do you think?

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