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Class Collision: Phoenix Rising



Class Col­li­sion: Phoenix Ris­ing is the sec­ond and final book in the Class Col­li­sion series.

David Bastien was born into one of the wealth­i­est fam­i­lies on the east­ern seaboard, but lost every­thing when he was kid­napped for ran­som. Now, years later he and Linda are on the run from his for­mer boss, Linda’s father; but after learn­ing that David has been lying to her, she begins to worry that he will be just like her father, abu­sive and cruel. When the Japan­ese bomb Pearl Har­bor, David is forced out to sea where his hope of sur­vival replaces long lost dreams of return­ing home. Now he must either tell Linda who he really is, or risk tak­ing his secrets to the grave. Don’t miss the excit­ing con­clu­sion in the Class Col­li­sion series where love and loy­alty are tested beyond mea­sure, fam­i­lies threaten to rip apart, old rela­tion­ships are con­fronted, and the strength of the human heart is pushed to the limit.

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