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Class Collision: Fall From Grace discussion questions

Genre: Fic­tion, YA Fic­tion, His­tor­i­cal Fic­tion, American Drama

  1. Does David’s per­son­al­ity change as the story pro­gresses, or just his behavior?
  2. How did you feel about the Bastien family’s rela­tion­ships between David and Alex, and the chil­dren and their parents?
  3. Do you think a par­ent who favors one child over another is aware of it?
  4. What role did Clif­ford play in David’s life? Was he more influ­en­tial than David’s parents?
  5. In the book, the boys are kid­napped. If this were an actual event, would one brother really sac­ri­fice his chance of escape for the other?
  6. What does Eliz­a­beth see when she looks at a per­son? How does this pre­vent her from rec­og­niz­ing her own son?
  7. Why does David feel the need to lie about his age when he reaches Lowman?
  8. Gor­don is well liked in the town of Low­man. Are most peo­ple unaware of his temper?
  9. How did you feel about the abuse Linda endured?
  10. Do you think child abuse was com­mon at this time in Amer­i­can history?
  11. Have atti­tudes con­cern­ing fam­i­lies, par­ent­ing, and chil­dren changed in the past one hun­dred years? In what ways?
  12. What obsta­cles pre­vent David from dis­cussing his fam­ily with Linda?
  13. Why doesn’t David go home?
  14. Do you think David would have become the same per­son had he never been kidnapped?
  15. Do hard­ships make peo­ple bet­ter or bitter?
  16. At the end of the book, David manip­u­lates Linda into an elope­ment. How did that make you feel? Do you think Linda make the right decision?
  17. Is some­one impor­tant to soci­ety more valu­able than an obscure per­son liv­ing in poverty?

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