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September 6th, 2012 | Posted by Annette in Books | Perspectives | Twitter help | Writing Tips

Twit­ter help for the new­bies out there.

Some­times it’s the lit­tle things that count. Any­one who works on the web knows that links mat­ter. If you haven’t checked out bitly, the time has come. It’s a fab­u­lous site that cre­ates short­ened web url addresses. And as any tweeter knows, the shorter, the bet­ter. To see for your­self, click on the link below.

Not only can you cre­ate short links on this site, but every link is saved for future ref­er­ence. These can be made pub­lic or pri­vate. In addi­tion, there is a tab for track­ing your link stats. Under this tab you can see the clicks for each link. You can even see where the links are being hit. Seri­ously, if you haven’t checked out bitly yet, do it now.

And since you’re going to love me for this, I’ll just say it now. Your wel­come! :)



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  • blanghinrichs says:

    There’s one addi­tional great fea­ture of Bitly that you may not have noticed. You can cus­tomize those links, and the ones to Ama­zon become instead of For exam­ple, by col­lec­tion of short sto­ries is called Sav­age Fire, so I made a link on Bitly to e and it is both mem­o­rable and looks more offi­cial. One of my favorite fea­tures of Bitly.

    • Annette says:

      Thanks so much for point­ing that out! Much appreciated!

      • blanghinrichs says:

        I just remem­bered one bit of advice that I had to fig­ure out the hard way. If you cre­ate a longer cus­tom short name that points to Ama­zon, such as, it will auto­mat­i­cally change it back to, but if it really points to Ama­zon, just use the and it will work anyway.

        (The links are not just to, but also,, and most of the others)

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