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TrueTwit is Spam

February 8th, 2013 | Posted by Annette in Perspectives

Tweet­ers beware. For those who use TrueTwit, I’d like you to know that it dri­ves me crazy. Sup­pos­edly TrueTwit is a ser­vice that pre­vents SPAM. Ugh. If only. Instead, those who use TrueTwit BECOME the spam­mers, send­ing out unwanted direct mes­sages to people’s email. Hello! Rude! And all because I wanted to fol­low you? Believe me, see­ing that TrueTwit mes­sage in my inbox decreases my desire dra­mat­i­cally. My email gets enough spam already. I’ve read a lot of blog posts sug­gest­ing a boy­cot of TrueTwit users. I don’t want to do that, but seri­ously, I’m get­ting tired of PROVING that I am a per­son to a SPAM pro­gram. And it IS SPAM.

1. TrueTwit sends out auto­matic direct mes­sages. These DM are not sent by a per­son. They are sent by a com­puter. It’s totally imper­sonal and it infil­trates my inbox. So stop already!

2. It’s totally anti­so­cial. Twit­ter is meant to be a forum of com­mu­ni­ca­tion. Oh, maybe you don’t want any­one to fol­low you? Is that why peo­ple sign up for this ser­vice? Don’t worry. You’ll prob­a­bly get your wish.

3. In order to be “val­i­dated” and prove that I’m not a robot, TrueTwit has me go to their sight where I am bom­barded with adver­tise­ments, many of which are part of a captcha puz­zle that I must solve in order to be “validated.”

4. Some­times it takes sev­eral min­utes for TrueTwit to load. I’m wait­ing, and wait­ing.… because I DO care about who I fol­low. Finally the page loads. It’s not a sim­ple click and you’re val­i­dated. You have to solve a puz­zle. Seri­ously? All so that I can prove to a COMPUTER PROGRAM THAT I AM HUMAN.

This pro­gram is stu­pid. I don’t want any­thing to do with it.

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2 Responses

  • Hi Annette!
    I saw your Tweet about help­ing NEW blog­gers, and came on over because I wanted to share it pub­licly on Face­book! Oh! Shoot! I wanted to Google+ it, too! I for­got! Now I don’t know if I’ll be able to find it???
    IF” you get a chance, would you mind email­ing me the link, please? I would LOVE to post it on my Face­book Fan Page! OH!!!! Even bet­ter yet!!! “IF” you don’t mind, would you visit my page and post the link there? I would LOVE you for­ever!!! LOL!!! It is:
    I can ONLY link this to my Per­sonal Page, and NOT my Fan Page!
    If you would like to post THIS link, too, that would be GREAT! I would LOVE it! I agree COMPLETELY with you about True Twit, too! I HATE IT!!!
    THANK YOU!!!! I LOVE to help oth­ers like you do, too!
    I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS BLOG POST about True Twit!!!!!!!
    FINALLY some­one took the nerve to com­plain about it!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! I didn’t do it. I was afraid to. I don’t know why I was afraid to, but was afraid of tick­ing peo­ple off, but, they tick ME off when I go to fol­low them and THAT pops up! I guess I just should have done it! One thing I have learned through you is NOT to be afraid of com­plain­ing about things like this! Thanks for help­ing me get over that! (I’ve been blog­ging for almost 3 years now, too! I SHOULD BE OVER things like this! LOL!!!
    I feel the SAME way YOU do!!! I HATE that thing!!! I REFUSE to fol­low ANYONE who uses it! Hon­est to God, if THEY can’t trust peo­ple like you and I do, then phooey on them!
    You know how some­times there are Give­aways, well I’ll take part in them. I also fill out the forms to check and make sure ALL the links work for the Host of it. I find at least 1 error in every Raf­fle­copter Give­away form. It helps the Host AND the per­son who might have paid money to be a part of that Give­away!
    Well, I’ll get those notices that True Twit needs me to val­i­date that I fol­low them! Ta, da!!! Well, TOO BAD! I’m NOT going to fol­low that per­son! They just LOST a poten­tial fol­lower by using that ser­vice! That’s what I think of because of the SAME rea­sons you stated!
    There is one other rea­son, too! It’s MY TIME! IT’S WASTED by hav­ing to go through ALLLL of that! It’s an ENTIRE PROCESS that I should NOT have to do!
    Thank you, again, for writ­ing this as a blog post!!! I’m going to share this! .
    I really like your blog!
    I’m going to send a Friend Request IF I can find you on Face­book!
    Thanks again!
    Lau­rie Carl­son also at lau­rieis­read­ing at gmail dot com in case you need it!

    • Annette says:

      I know what you mean about not want­ing to tick peo­ple off, but some­thing had to be said! LOL! Thanks for all of your com­ments. I don’t think we are alone in this one. It’s a silent frus­tra­tion that is about to blow!

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