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July 23rd, 2012 | Posted by Annette in Perspectives

This is a loaded post. Be warned.…

Some writ­ers pre­fer to cre­ate char­ac­ters from per­sonal obser­va­tion. Not me. I don’t have a clue how to model a char­ac­ter after some­one I know. Nor would I want to. Rather, I’ve had a long­time fas­ci­na­tion with per­spec­tives. I like to take a sin­gle point and exploit the var­i­ous views. To me this is one of the more fas­ci­nat­ing aspects of writ­ing. And in the process, voila, an instant char­ac­ter is born.

Some­times this ten­dency to see other per­spec­tives cre­ates prob­lems for me in the real world. Par­tic­u­larly with regard to argu­ment, since I fre­quently see an oppos­ing point as read­ily as my own — except in the case of extrem­ists. Extrem­ists I do not understand.

Since I rarely post a polit­i­cal view­point, pre­pare yourself!

Take the Con­ti­nen­tal Congress: Oh my heav­ens! Talk about per­spec­tives. And I’m glad of it. It amazes me that the found­ing fathers were so var­ied. It’s shock­ing that they were able to come to an agree­ment at all, let alone in such a stun­ningly short amount of time. And yet, by con­sid­er­ing oppos­ing view­points a greater doc­u­ment was cre­ated, one which has served our nation faith­fully. For exam­ple, take Jef­fer­son and Hamil­ton. Hamil­ton thought the econ­omy should be based upon indus­try, Jef­fer­son on agri­cul­ture. Duh! We need both. Okay, hind­sight is twenty-twenty. Here’s another exam­ple: Hamil­ton was for a national bank­ing sys­tem. Jef­fer­son was against it. Now seri­ously, can you imag­ine if there were no national sys­tem today? But Jef­fer­son had a point. He could see the dan­ger. Only a decade after Pres­i­dent Clin­ton and con­gress lifted the bank­ing reg­u­la­tions we had a major eco­nomic collapse.

My point is, diver­sity is impor­tant in the polit­i­cal process. And yet with all the mud sling­ing, one would assume that there should only be one point of view. That those who dis­agree should just roll over and die. How very narrow.

If you ask me the real prob­lems come with cor­rup­tion, and sadly there is way too much of it. Lob­by­ing still rules con­gress now as much as ever, per­haps more so. When those who make the laws ben­e­fit from their exploita­tion there is a prob­lem. Pow­er­ful spe­cial inter­est groups advo­cate vehe­mently to the detri­ment of the weak. And most of the time this kind of lob­by­ing is done in secret. Not okay. Both repub­li­cans and democ­rats alike bow to the whims of money. It’s a sad tale. But I still believe in this nation.

I guess what I’m try­ing to say is, don’t give up on the polit­i­cal process. It is a good thing to hear (and express) oppos­ing points of view. It is our con­sti­tu­tional right.

Thank you found­ing fathers!

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