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Man of Steel

June 19th, 2013 | Posted by Annette in Movies | Perspectives | Reviews

Best movie of the sum­mer? Def­i­nitely! Five stars–minus the parts that bugged me. See below for details.

WARNING: there may be spoil­ers ahead.

If you haven’t seen the new Super­man movie, it’s well worth it. But that’s not to say that it is with­out flaws. And who bet­ter to com­ment on a Super­man movie than a long­time fan? :D  (Except that I am a bit picky.)

Henry Cav­ill wears the suit well. Not every­one can make us believe that they are invin­ci­ble while main­tain­ing an endear­ing qual­ity that keeps us root­ing for them until the bit­ter end. It’s a bal­ance of humil­ity and power. Nicely done.

Every now and then I wished the direc­tor had let Mr. Cav­ill spend a lit­tle more time devel­op­ing the character’s emo­tions. Too many times I just barely began to “feel” a scene, only to have it clipped short in favor of action/graphics. (And I know Cav­ill can por­tray emo­tions because he was great even as a kid in “The Count of Monte Cristo.”) This was espe­cially true at the end of the movie when Super­man screams after Zod is killed. He’s at one of the low­est points in his life. The last Kryp­ton­ian is dead–and at his hand. If only the raw emo­tions had come through. Instead it felt all too super. That was the part where we wanted to see his human­ity. His cape, hair, and suit remained beau­ti­fully untar­nished. There was not even a scrap of shrap­nel on his shoul­der. After all of that, let his suit be torn! Let him be cov­ered in muck. Let the famous curl in his hair frizz! We already know that he’s pow­er­ful, but his clothes shouldn’t have to be. And his hair, no mat­ter how strong, blows in the wind. It should have been a mess. After a bat­tle to the death he should have looked more like a blood­ied glad­i­a­tor than an actor ready for his close up. We want to see him vul­ner­a­ble. We really do!

I liked Amy Adams as Lois. Some peo­ple may have men­tioned that she seems a lit­tle too frag­ile for the role. Eh? .… Pos­si­bly, but I still enjoyed her work.

And thank you WB (or who­ever) for putting in the back­story, which was awe­some. We learn a lot about who Super­man is, where he came from, and why his planet was destroyed. We also learn why Zod has an eter­nal hatred of him and is deter­mined to fight to the death when the two meet on Earth. But.… While the open­ing scene of  Kal El’s birth is ten­der, those feel­ings are barely touched upon before an onslaught of spe­cial effects takes over. I wanted to be drenched in Krypton’s pain. Instead I felt like I was watch­ing a reel of explosions.

Fast for­ward a few decades and Kal El becomes Clark Kent. He goes from job to job try­ing to main­tain his anonymity while being a guardian angel to those around him. This sec­tion reminded me of the orig­i­nal “Hulk” series that ran in the sev­en­ties. In other words, they got it right. At last! Emo­tions were full blown. MY FAVORITE PART was when Clark went to the aid of the men stranded on the off­shore oil rig. When he stood in the fire lick­ing his skin I wanted to applaud. Oh yeah! It was awe­some! And drift­ing in the ocean after­wards was a tremen­dous idea. I felt his pain as he tried to shut out the world. (Good job movie guys!) Another excel­lent spot was when Clark entered the Kryp­ton­ian atmos­phere. I was feel­ing it there.

I’m sad to say that my least favorite part was the por­trayal of Jonathan Kent’s death. Kevin Costner’s act­ing was good, but it was a stu­pid scene. No, I did not miss the part about Jonathan putting Clark’s “secret” above his life. Once again, I think they wrote & filmed it that way for the sake of spe­cial effects. Some­body wanted to make a tor­nado happen. It was a cheesy idea. Cheeeeeeeeeesy! Jonathan is sup­posed to die of a heart attack. That’s the whole point. Clark is sup­posed to learn that he’s just as help­less as the rest of us, at least when it comes to his fam­ily. The scene stunk. Please cut. Rewrite. Film it again and let’s for­get that it ever happened.

My last crit­i­cism is the lack of sparks between Clark and Lois. Hello? They needed a lit­tle chem­istry. Maybe the stu­dio is sav­ing that part for the next movie. I hope so, because if Amy Adams and Henry Cav­ill can’t get it together, then who can?

As a side note, how many build­ings can you knock down before you get grit on your shoes? Cut at least a quar­ter of the city smash scenes, put in more emo­tional exchanges between the actors, shred the cape when Super­man is knock­ing down build­ings, and voila, most of the prob­lems would have been solved.

Lastly, if I’ve deterred any­one from see­ing the movie … let me just say that I plan to buy it and watch it over and over again. Great stuff! I loved “Man of Steel” and can’t wait for the sequel.

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  • Jessica Morrell says:

    I loved this movie!!!! And I agree, it had a few prob­lems, but I can see why they did it they way they did. In the last movie (Super­man Returns) I feel like they were crit­i­cized for not hav­ing enough action and hav­ing too much drama, so they made sure to have plenty of action in this one! I could have used a lit­tle more drama too, but I kinda made up for it by imag­in­ing it haha, not quite as great as see­ing it though. Also, I didn’t real­ize that Henry Cav­ill was the same actor as the kid in The Count of Monte Cristo! I’m going to have to watch Monte Cristo again just so I can enjoy that! Thanks for the great review! It was very enter­tain­ing to read :)

  • Annette says:

    Jes­sica, I love your comments!

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