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#free #ebook promotions — does it help?

May 8th, 2013 | Posted by Annette in Books | Marketing | Perspectives | Writing Tips

Yes, it’s true, this is my sec­ond post in a sin­gle day. But, I promised I would keep track of my book sales on this, my very first #free ebook pro­mo­tion day.

So this morn­ing I posted that by 9:00 AM I had sold 71 copies of “The For­got­ten Queen.” I use the word “sold” loosely, since there is no actual exchange of money. It’s free today and tomor­row. As of 2:00 PM, I have sold 135 copies today. My rat­ing on Ama­zon have gone from ~68,000 in ebooks and  #20 in Arthurian (yes­ter­day), to 1,733 in ebooks, #2 in Arthurian, and #10 in his­tor­i­cal today. I would be very happy with that, except for the fact that when I actu­ally click on the links to see the place­ment of the book in those cat­e­gories, it does not show up. Ama­zon glitches have been typ­i­cal with this novel for some rea­son. Whereas my “Class Col­li­sion” series always shows up imme­di­ately in the rank­ings, “The For­got­ten Queen” is no where to be found, even though the link is active. I think it might be time to con­tact Ama­zon and ask them what the deal is. Is there some­one on the staff try­ing to sab­o­tage my fab­u­lous book? Surely not.

For other authors out there, you might be inter­ested to know that there is no other pro­mo­tion going on for “The For­got­ten Queen” right now, other than the fact that it is cur­rently free. Soooooo, yeah, … doing the exclu­sive KDP free pro­mo­tion does seem to “sell” the book, but as for this rais­ing my actual rank­ing, … I’m not con­vinced yet. Maybe if “The For­got­ten Queen” starts show­ing up when I click on the link, then I’ll finally admit it. Hmm.… I’ll keep you posted.


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